About Enric

Enric Alberti
I spent the first 5 years of my life in Llagostera, and then I moved to Girona, where I have been residing until today. I am studying Business Sciences, Advertising, and Public Relations at the University of Girona. In the professional world, I work in different multinational companies in the communication and food sectors. In 2020, following the first COVID lockdown, I took my first steps into the world of painting. Initially, it started as a fun activity with my partner, exploring and playing with different techniques and mediums, and that's how LaNord was born. Later on, I continued painting on my own: painting, painting, and painting... what initially was a form of distraction and expression turned into my profession.
Since I was very young, I had a connection with art. My father was a painter. His art was mainly landscapes and later became hyperrealistic. Even though I had it so close to me, I never showed an interest in dedicating myself to it. However, I was always surrounded by the smells of paint. It wasn't until two years ago, purely for fun and entertainment, that I picked up some brushes. Always self-taught, I started with a set of colors and searched for others; I experimented with textures, seeking compositions that fulfilled me. Eventually, what was initially a game or pastime took up a significant part of my time.
The excitement and desire to paint make me pick up the brushes every day and disconnect from daily problems. When I paint, I create a timeless space where it's just me and my painting. It's the here and now through the language of painting. Music plays an important role in my works. Whenever I paint, I do it with music—music of all styles. The music I listen to influences my painting. Many of my works are titled after songs that have inspired me and that I listened to at the time of creating them.
Each painting is based on my mood at that moment, my experiences, my feelings, and emotions. I try to capture what I feel, see, or hear in an irrational way and translate it onto the blank canvas. Often, I have an idea in my mind that I want to portray, but it always ends up being something completely different from the initial concept. That's why I identify so much with the name "serendipity." Art leads me to the search for new unexpected paths that turn out to be better than expected.
I strive for the viewer to have the freedom to find their own meaning in each painting.